Where To Find Exterminator Services

Many people think you need an exterminator in North Carolina termites as little bugs that live in wooden furniture and make dents, but these pests can also cause major damage to structures if left unchecked. One way to prevent this type of damage is by hiring the services of a professional service. In Charlotte NC, you have many options when choosing an exterminator. Each one offers a different combination of pest prevention techniques and pest control solutions that can keep your family healthy and safe.


“At ClearDefense, we only use environmentally safe products on all of our clients’ homes. Our pest extermination service is applied using precise techniques based on real-life pest behavior, indoor environments and lifecycle within Charlotte, NC. Our top-quality, award-winning micro-Crystalline formula will keep an effective, barrier-free barrier surrounding your house, and is less harsh than harmful pesticides. We also offer a complete, comprehensive pest management plan that will prevent future infestations and prevent wood decay, mold, and fungus.”


Other companies in the Charlotte area include Pest Control Solution, Inc., The Pest Treatment Tree Farm, Inc., and Carolina Pest Control. All four offer their own pest removal services and many are available online. However, the most professional of the four businesses is Pest Defense, which prides itself on its “no-tear-away” guarantee on wood. They provide a full range of services that are suited for both established residential pest problems as well as those that have resulted from uninvited guest growth.

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