Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Will the data scientist be required for much longer or can artificial intelligence handle much of what they do?

Does Artificial Intelligence Threaten the Future of the Data Scientist?

Data science continues to revolutionize how organizations conduct business as they search for better ways to reach and serve consumers as well as streamline...


Since Big Data will be driving more critical decisions in the future, it is important to avoid data bias.

Best Practices for Avoiding Bias in Analytics

Bias is an inevitable, inherent part of analysis. From framing analysis through misleading questions to stopping analysis when the desired results are reached, there...
Understanding the many facets of Big Data in healthcare means understanding the meaning of terms often used in the tech and healthcare industries.

Data Dictionary: Healthcare Edition

Welcome to our Data Dictionary series, where we continue to explore the terms you will come across as you learn about Big Data and...


The role of the data journalist is to interpret data for the public by putting big numbers into context.

Reporting for the Future: Data Journalism is at the Core of...

“Data is a good way of getting to the truth of things… in this post truth era, this work is increasingly important. We are...


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Pharm data analytics is giving drugmakers a wealth of new data to aide in improving their products.

Why Big Data is the Key to Big Pharma’s Success in...

The impact of Big Data on Big Pharma has seen data analytics embedded in every aspect of the industry, from research and development to...
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Data conferences are good way to keep up with trends in the industry.

Remaining Data Conferences to Highlight in 2017

Anyone who pays even the most cursory attention to the world of data analytics knows there is only one constant: change. What seemed like the...
Data analytics have taken a larger role in medicine in the past two decades, and no area has seen more innovation than precision medicine.

Big Data Analytics in Precision Medicine

Data analytics have taken a larger role in medicine in the past two decades, and no area has seen more innovation than precision medicine. Rather...
The changes to transportation with Big Data and IoT revolve around safety, improved efficiency and cost savings.

The Future of Transportation Lies with Big Data and IoT

As with many industries, technology has started to transform transportation, both for companies managing large supply chains and in everyday life. The question now is...
The Opportunity Project is an initiative led by the U.S. Department of Commerce offers a straightforward way for tech companies, government and communities to form projects that will “create digital tools that address our greatest challenges as a nation.

The Opportunity Project Seeks Collaboration for Data Innovation

The United States government has an approach to integrating technology into the lives of communities across the country that uses an old-fashioned idea: getting...


VR data visualizations allow the user to step into a three-dimensional world where they can fully interact with the data.

Transforming Data Visualizations with Virtual Reality

In raw form, big data can be overwhelming and present a challenge when users are trying to uncover meaningful patterns. For the modern business, data...
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