Saturday, August 11, 2018


Will the data scientist be required for much longer or can artificial intelligence handle much of what they do?

Does Artificial Intelligence Threaten the Future of the Data Scientist?

Data science continues to revolutionize how organizations conduct business as they search for better ways to reach and serve consumers as well as streamline...


Since Big Data will be driving more critical decisions in the future, it is important to avoid data bias.

Best Practices for Avoiding Bias in Analytics

Bias is an inevitable, inherent part of analysis. From framing analysis through misleading questions to stopping analysis when the desired results are reached, there...
Understanding the many facets of Big Data in healthcare means understanding the meaning of terms often used in the tech and healthcare industries.

Data Dictionary: Healthcare Edition

Welcome to our Data Dictionary series, where we continue to explore the terms you will come across as you learn about Big Data and...


Pharm data analytics is giving drugmakers a wealth of new data to aide in improving their products.

Why Big Data is the Key to Big Pharma’s Success in...

The impact of Big Data on Big Pharma has seen data analytics embedded in every aspect of the industry, from research and development to...


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Algorithms can maintain and improve themselves in order to keep the data network effect moving.

What is the Data Network Effect?

The “data network effect” is a term used to describe the relationship between data, product performance, utility and user retention. While this may sound...
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Data governance is important for the success of analytics efforts of businesses.

Data Governance: Now That You Have Data, What Do You Do with It?

The surge in the amount of data available for businesses across all industries has led to the emergence of a relatively new but extremely...
Netflix is No. 14 on Fortune Magazine's "The World's Most Admired Companies" list in part due to the success the company has enjoyed through data analytics.

Thanks to Data Analytics, Everyone is Watching Netflix

When it came to creating an original show, movie streaming company Netflix reached beyond the usual methods of trying to come up with a...
In all, shoppers spent $2.87 billion online shopping, up 18.3% from last year, according to Adobe Analytics, which measures 80% of online transactions at the largest 100 web retailers in the U.S.

Online Holiday Sales Surge, On Track to Break $100 Billion

Have you been naughty or nice? From the looks of this year’s holiday shopping season, it may not matter. You’re probably unwrapping exactly what you...
Data analytics have taken a larger role in medicine in the past two decades, and no area has seen more innovation than precision medicine.

Big Data Analytics in Precision Medicine

Data analytics have taken a larger role in medicine in the past two decades, and no area has seen more innovation than precision medicine. Rather...


The changes to transportation with Big Data and IoT revolve around safety, improved efficiency and cost savings.

The Future of Transportation Lies with Big Data and IoT

As with many industries, technology has started to transform transportation, both for companies managing large supply chains and in everyday life. The question now is...
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