Tuesday, March 26, 2019
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One sector that AI can benefit immensely is education.

Professor AI: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Key to the Future...

Self-driving trucks, automated invoicing, Siri, Alexa, Netflix movie suggestions, quantum computing and robo-restaurant servers. These are all different ways artificial intelligence has become integrated...
Incorporating education analytics is topping the list of priority for many school administrators.

School Administrators Use Education Analytics to Drive Student Success

Most people associate Big Data with private businesses looking to better track consumer behavior, scientists trying to understand the underpinnings of the universe or...
Data conferences are good way to keep up with trends in the industry.

Remaining Data Conferences to Highlight in 2017

Anyone who pays even the most cursory attention to the world of data analytics knows there is only one constant: change. What seemed like the...
Student analytics help universities target the best students possible

How Universities Target Potential Students Using Data Analytics

Data analytics have helped businesses improve hiring practices and the bottom line, while sports teams are competing at a higher level thanks to data...